How to buy ceramic basins

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The basin is an indispensable sanitary ware in people's daily life. The basin is made of ceramic, stainless steel or glass. The ceramic basin has always been the first choice of people. It is not only economical, but also has various shapes and rich colors. Today, I will introduce you to the matters needing attention in the purchase of ceramic basins, as well as the price of ceramic basins.
How to buy ceramic basins
In general, most of the pedestal basins are very simple in design, because the drainage components can be hidden in the column of the pedestal basin, thus giving a clean and tidy appearance, and the body can naturally stand in front of the basin when washing hands. It is more convenient and comfortable to use. The basin is more suitable for installation in a relatively large bathroom. It can be used with natural stone or artificial stone countertops. It can also be customized under the countertop, and it is beautiful and practical. The slightly designed design of the pedestal can also give a refreshing feeling. The surface of the gravel strengthens the rough atmosphere of the space.
Advantages of ceramic basins:
1. The use of ceramic basins is a habit for people for many years and is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people;
2, ceramic basin is economical;
3, the shape is diversified, the current market has round, semi-circular, square, triangular, diamond, irregular shaped basin has been everywhere;
4, rich in color, the current ceramic basin is no longer the same white, due to the development of ceramic technology and the popularity of painting, the colorful art basin is very popular.
How to buy ceramic basins
Ceramic basin selection tips:
1, glazed finish, brightness
When purchasing, first of all, like ordinary white ceramic washbasins, attention should be paid to glaze finish and brightness. It can be observed from the side of the ceramic under strong light. The good glaze should be free of stains, pinholes, blisters and bubbles. The surface is very smooth; the light is reflective and uniform; it can also be used on the surface by hand. Gently stroke, the hand sensor is very smooth and delicate. Good glaze finish and brightness, pure color, not easy to hang dirty dirt, easy to clean, long-term use is still bright as new.
2, water absorption rate index
The water absorption rate is an index for judging the adsorption and penetration ability of a ceramic product to water. It is understood that after the water is sucked into the ceramic, the ceramic will have a certain expansion, and it is easy to cause the glazed surface of the ceramic surface to be cracked due to swelling. It can be seen that the lower the water absorption rate, the better the quality of the ceramic product. According to the national water absorption rate standards, sanitary ceramics with a water absorption rate of less than 3% are high-grade ceramics. When purchasing, you should pay more attention to the manufacturer's instructions and try to choose products with low water absorption.
How to buy ceramic basins
3, craft, pattern, color
Most of the high-end hand-painted basins are made of underglaze ceramics, which is also the best ceramic technology at present. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the identification when buying, in case the unscrupulous dealers use the glaze color to fill the glaze and make the fake. The underglaze decoration pays attention to the pen-like freehand brushwork. It must be drawn by hand, not printed, decal, and the color should be bright.