What are the three major parts of the bathroom?

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Bathrooms must have corresponding bathroom products. Before installation, they must be purchased and installed. Among them, the three major sanitary wares are the main products. What are the three major components of the bathroom? When you buy sanitary ware, you can see the market. There are a lot of product types on it. What are the main points for general sanitary ware selection?
What are the three major parts of the bathroom?

First, what is the three major pieces of bathroom?

For the choice of basin, it is possible to choose a basin with a deeper column. If the floor space is limited, you can choose some basins that are suspended. This is also a good choice. In addition, the traditional under counter basin is more beautiful, and you can save space by using your under counter basin.
The toilet should be separated. Although the overall toilet is more popular, the toilet will have a larger floor area, the height of the split toilet will be lower, and the floor space will be slightly smaller, so for small spaces, the split toilet is relatively more. Practical. There are some toilets on the market that have concealed water tanks. This kind of toilet can put the water tank in the wall and leave a lot of space. However, the location of the water tank must be reserved in advance.
Many people like to take a hot bath after work, but for a small bathroom, it seems that taking a bathtub is too much space. In fact, as long as it is properly selected, it may take less than two square meters to place a comfortable one. The bathtub is gone. For the choice of bathtub, although the round and fan-shaped bathtub looks beautiful, this bathtub is also the most occupied place, some places can not even be used, and some of the round bathtubs may need to be used as separate countertops. It is better to give up directly.

Second, what are the main points of sanitary ware selection?

1, usually the layman looks at the price and appearance, the person who knows the market is looking at its value, what kind of material value is not worth the price. Take the brand, from the selection of raw materials, the craftsmanship, the inspection of the factory, and the requirements of each link are very strict and meticulous, so that the quality is guaranteed. So when we buy, we can choose the right brand.
2, some decoration owners, in many details to care about to save money, but on the other hand, spend a lot of money to buy a toilet for several thousand dollars. In fact, the difference in quality between the toilets of about 1,000 and the toilets of 5,000 yuan is not big, and some are just the differences in styles. Therefore, if you want to save money, you can consider the ordinary products in the brand sanitary ware, if you want to be economical, you can refer to this brand.
What are the three major parts of the bathroom? In addition to the three major pieces of bathroom, there are many products in the bathroom, you can refer to the choice according to the actual needs. What are the main points of sanitary ware selection? When you buy sanitary ware, look at different products to ensure that the sanitary ware you buy can be used more comfortably in the future.